The 2022 international conference will focus on the challenges of climate change education all around the world, and how teachers, trainers, school management, parents and learners face together this humanitarian and global crisis. Through presentations by an expert panel and by zooming in on concrete situations, the 2022 conference aims to contribute to an improved understanding of its members and other interested parties of these complex issues.

What is the impact of climate change on education and what is the impact of education on climate change?

In 2021, UNICEF published a report showing that the climate crisis is first and foremost a crisis of children's rights and that 1 billion children live in one of the 33 countries classified as 'at very high risk' of being exposed to multiple climate and environmental shocks. 

A recent study by the VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) shows that children bear the brunt of climate change. For example, a child born today will experience on average almost three times as many crop failures as a child born 60 years ago.  

The conference will stimulate discussions around the local, national and international responses needed to focus on strengthening education systems and the well-being of our learners, students, teachers and trainers with a special focus on the most vulnerable. Speakers from different continents and from different perspectives and backgrounds will be heard during this conference. We want to show that education can also be a part of the solution and that if children and young people learn how to build a sustainable future, it will only have positive consequences for everyone.