Technical and vocational training and education for girls


  • Access: School level
  • Completion: Level of families and of schools
  • Transition: Level of schools
  • Organisation: KIYO
  • Country/Region: Burundi 
  • Period: 2017-2021
  • Local partners: Association pour promotion et la protection des droits des enfants marginalisés (APRODEM) & Jumelage Jeunesse Burundi (JJB).
  • Target group: Vulnerable youngsters

In Burundi, two interventions are currently developed by KIYO:

Autonomy, social cohesion and peace

KIYO’s intervention, through a project funded by the European Union in Burundi and in collaboration with Handicap International, makes it possible for 480 youngsters between the ages of 15 and 25 (of which 35% are girls) who were excluded from the system, to get a job.

The empowerment of youngsters has been realised by acquiring new competences as well as new technical and practical knowledge in the sub-market of innovative education. These education sub-markets were picked whilst taking into account there are a lot of professional market opportunities, which makes it for them possible to find a job or to launch a micro-enterprise.

KIYO and Handicap International have got a similar inclusive approach at the heart of formation structures (workshops or enterprises) by realising small works on accessibility and by raising awareness of personnel (trainers, entrepreneurs or master craftsmen) on the integration of youngsters.

During the execution of the project, awareness days will be organised on professional integration for enterprises, entrepreneurs and expert craftsmen who are involved in training and guidance activities, but also for employers with whom the youngsters will identify.

Autonomy, empowerment and participation

In the framework of the DGD programme 2017-2021, KIYO implements interventions aimed at the empowerment of youngsters via professional education, self-determination and leadership of the most vulnerable of youngsters. Those interventions will be conducted by two partners.

1. Partnership with Jumelage Jeunesse Burundi (JJB)

KIYO will support JBB in developing professional training activities. In total 630 youngsters will be educated and trained. They are between the ages of 15 and 25 and have suffered economic or sexual exploitation, have been homeless or are orphan, found themselves in conflict with the law, are teen mom, …

Throughout the project aimed at their empowerment, these kids will be able to acquire new knowledge and professional skills. The vocational training will be combined with training about entrepreneurship, economy and credit, and the youngsters will be gathered in solidarity, saving and credit groups to facilitate access to credit and the development of cooperatives.

2. Partnership with APRODEM (Association pour promotion et la protection des droits des enfants marginalisés)

This project aims at ‘turning schools into recreational areas and respect into a child’s right’. It will be launched in 21 schools and will target children as well as education authorities by calling attention to the situation of girls.

To give youngsters an opportunity as well as allow them to enjoy their rights, APRODEM will develop activities aiming at their protection against abuse and discrimination. A girl-friendly environment will be created as the education authorities are being educated on listening skills, mediation, conflict management, communication, etc.

There seem to be more and more vulnerable school drop-out kids due to poverty. Unwanted pregnancies and premature marriages are among the main causes of girls dropping out. Furthermore, the socio-cultural borders seem to complicate girls’ access to schools compared to boys’ access.

One solution according to APRODEM is to reinforce parental and family competences to ultimately give every bit of support so that their daughters can succeed in their studies in spite of the difficulties they experience. That reinforcement will be realised using awareness and guidance programs on different topics like children’s rights, equality between men and women…

APRODEM in collaboration with FVS-AMADE, another partner of KIYO, join forces to introduce groups of solidarity, to fight against early school leaving. Those groups will consist of teachers and interested parents who will support the vulnerable girls, thanks to a savings system, which allows them to distribute school supplies, paying school tuition etc., The loss of education will be fought as well by creating mechanisms monitoring children in need of suitable solutions involving other children and teachers.

To contribute in the blossoming of the child in a school environment, the project provides further training for the educational authorities as well as for the teaching workforce about integration and non-discrimination, listening and mediation techniques. For child victims of violence, APRODEM puts in place appeal mechanisms to give those children their rights back.

Ultimately, school associations will be assembled in the framework of exchange and education of youngsters. Their goal: reinforce and increase knowledge of youngsters on life skills and to teach them abilities to defend their rights and interests. That way, school-related activities will be organised in those associations about themes like prevention of gender-related violence, integration and basic education, peace and peaceful conflict resolution.