Reaching out to girls, young women and their community through mass campaigns: Binti Thamani


  • Access: Family and community level
  • Organisation: VIA Don Bosco
  • Country: Tanzania
  • Period: 2015
  • Local partner: Vocational and Technical Don Bosco Centres
  • Target group: Vulnerable young people 15-25 years old

The objective of the "Binti Thamani" campaign was to valorise TVET for girls through a mentality shift.

Why? The perception of families and the community that girls are for marriage and that boys are more important to be educated, but also low teacher quality and morale, difficult access to the Vocational Training Centres’ information and the lack of scholarships to enable girls from poorer economic backgrounds to attend secondary school or vocational training are contributing factors leading to a decreased rate of girl applicants to Vocational Training Centres in the country, and Don Bosco’s centres in particular.

Therefore, a mass campaign was launched, developing a relevant integrative marketing strategy, event coordination and girls’ mobilization from the different primary and secondary schools through various social media platforms and media campaign.

As a result of the campaign, more than 3000 girls were reached. In 2016, there was an increase of 14% in the inscription of girls in the Don Bosco Vocational Training Centres. The campaign also enabled 42 girls to benefit from a sponsorship from companies, banks, radios, etc.

The campaign was developed after a gender evaluation highlighted the situation of girls in TVET. At the same time, a gender mainstreaming approach was developed by integrating gender equality as a specific result in the new 2017-2021 programme.


Anneth Zungu

Anneth Zungu, a former Don Bosco pupil, encourages other girls through the Binti Thamani campaing advert:

“I am Binti Thamani (I am a valuable girl). I know my ability.

I wanted to become a carpenter when completing secondary school. It is then that I joined Don Bosco VTC – Oysterbay, where I trained to be a carpenter. Now my life has changed, I am currently running my own business as a carpenter. I manage to feed my family, I pay my house rent and help my relatives, and I also have some money for my personal use.

I am confident, I know my ability, I work hard to achieve my life goal.

Thank you Don Bosco, for empowering me.”