Annual Conference 2014

Gender mainstreaming in education
Moving beyond theory, sharing practical insights

Brussels, 25 November 2014

  • How can we move beyond ensuring girls and boys have access to schools, to preventing and reducing school drop-out and providing quality education for all?
  • How can we ensure learning without fear? How do we create safe learning environments in schools?
  • How can we engage with all components of the educational system, from teaching and learning materials, to teachers, school leaders, infrastructure, parents and society at large?
  • How can we measure the effectiveness of gender mainstreaming in education?

These and many other questions will be addressed at’s fourth annual conference. The conference will focus on the concrete and practical aspects of mainstreaming gender in education, and stimulate discussion of concrete interventions, programmes, measures and experiences for improving gender equity in education.

The opening address will set the scene, with an overview of the current situation on gender and education. This will be followed by presentations on different sub-themes, such as school-related gender based violence (SRGBV), gender responsive pedagogy, water, sanitation and hygiene promotion in schools (WASH), measuring gender in education, etc. aims to enrich the discussion by bringing research and practical experiences from the world of education and development cooperation together – academics and researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from non-governmental organizations.

The conference will be in English, with simultaneous translation into French and Dutch during the plenary sessions and one of the afternoon break-out sessions (Session A).

  • Venue

BTC-CTB, Conference Centre Espace Jacqmotte
Hoogstraat 139 Rue Haute, 1000 Brussels (Belgium)

  • Registration

Admission is free. Registrations are now closed.

  • Programme

You can read the detailed programme here or download the pdf.

  • Presentations and pictures

All abstracts, presentations and biographies are now available via the programme overview (click on speakers for bio's, on presentation titles for abstracts and presentations.

Click here for pictures of the event. Read an article on the DGD website: in Dutch or French.

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