Strategies to facilitate girls’ access to TVET at the level of families and communities

The commitment of girls and their families to invest in education and consider TVET as a genuine option is a condition sine qua non.

It is therefore very important to invest in awareness-raising campaigns directed at girls and young women as well as their families and communities. This can be done both through mass campaigns and individual approaches:

  • Highlight, convince and motivate communities to encourage girls to continue their studies, to choose for TVET and for trades that are traditionally not perceived as “women’s trades”.
  • Approach men - fathers, brothers, husbands, employers and employees - directly to change their views on girls’ participation in TVET.

To have an impact at the level of households, families and communities, it is important to encourage governments, schools and TVET centres to consider them as a target population. It is through the continuous investments of governments and schools to cooperate with families and communities that sustainable changes can be achieved. For an individual actor, it is much harder to reach these households and build up a cooperation based on trust.

Illustrations/Good practices