Annual Conference 2013

Equity in learning outcomes
Exploring policies, research and practice

Brussels, 5 December 2013

Education goal 6 of Education for All (EFA) underlines the importance of the achievement of recognized and measurable learning outcomes by all. In spite of this, the EFA Global Monitoring Report of 2012 indicates that global inequality in learning outcomes remains stark and as many as 250 million children could be failing to read or write by the time they should reach grade 4.

Therefore, this conference will focus on how to increase mean scores and reduce inequality in learning outcomes in developing countries. More in particular the conference will discuss the role of teachers, school leaders, parents and local communities in improving literacy, numeracy, science, technology and life skills of the most vulnerable and marginalized children and youth.

The objective is to bring under discussion interventions, programmes, measures and experiences for improving equity in learning outcomes. Geographically seen, the spotlight is on Latin America, Sub Saharan Africa, South and Southeast Asia. aims to enrich the discussion by bringing research and experience from the world of education and development cooperation together: academics and researchers, policy-makers and practitioners from non-governmental organizations.

Programme, Speakers and Abstracts