ARGO Workshop Gender & Digitalization

What are the effects of digitalization on gender equality? How does digitalization affect women's individual conditions and social positioning - in the family, community and society more broadly? What are the literacies of the 21st century? 

The Advisory Council on Gender and Development (ARGO-CCGD) invites you to reflect on the questions on 19 October 2018, together with three international experts who have been invited to share their experiences in the fields of education and mobile economy. 

The event is organised by ARGO-CCGD, in collaboration with, ACODEV, CNCD-11.11.11, Enabel, KU Leuven and Le Monde selon les femmes.



Digital Talk

Introduction by Sophie Charlier, President of the Advisory Council on Gender and Development (ARGO-CCGD)

Presentations by:

Jemila Abdulai
Jemila Abdulai, Digital entrepreneur from Accra, Ghana

In 2007, Jemila launched the award-winning blog Circumspecte. Since then, she has transformed the site into a digital platform and company dedicated to producing meaningful insights, interaction and creative action linked to Africa and Africans. An economist by training, she has been writing since the age of 10 and uses digital technologies to explore the nuances and interactions between African culture, policy, economics and human-interest issues.


Nora Lindström
Nora Lindström, Global Lead for Digital Development at Plan International

Nora looks at how technology and digital tools can be used to promote human rights, and girls' rights in particular. As a feminist and international development professional she is passionate about working for human rights, especially with individuals and groups that experience discrimination and inequality.


Video link "Bridging the Digital Gender Divide"

Milcah Mulu-Mutuku
Dr Milcah Mulu-Mutuku, Senior Lecturer, Department of Applied Community Development Studies, Egerton University (Kenya)

Milcah holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology, Kenya. Her research interests encompass entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods with focus on rural, youth and female entrepreneurship. Between 2015 and 2017 she looked into the influence of mobile money on the control of productive resources among women micro entrepreneurs participating in table banking in Nakuru, Kenya.






Jemila Abdulai
Women’s digital entrepreneurship: experiences from Ghana
Jemila Abdulai
Nora Lindström
Digital empowerment of girls: experiences of Plan International in the field of education
Nora Lindström
Milcah Mulu-Mutuku
Mobile money and control of productive resources among women: experiences from Kenya
Dr Milcah Mulu-Mutuku

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