The incorporation of Work Based Learning (WBL) in education and training programs is unanimously recognize as an effective strategy to ensure that learners are ready to enter work and possess skills relevant for the labor market. 

WBL, which can take many forms and names, provides learners with exposure to real work environments and allows them to make strong links between the knowledge acquired in school and practical skills acquired at the workplace. It is also recognized that WBL facilitate the transition for the school to work. However, it goes without saying that WBL does not automatically leads to the creation of (decent) jobs needed to tackle the unprecedent youth employment crisis taking place currently, especially in Sub Saharan Africa. Even if individuals have the “right” skills to be productive and creative, employment and productivity can be hampered if labor markets do not function well. Nevertheless, WBL can have positive impacts on the quality of future jobs that the market can offer. To mention just a few, on the supply side, learners benefit from higher wages, fewer injuries and a facilitated transition to a formal job. On the demand side, employers gain from a reduced turn-over, higher productivity and fewer job interruption. 

After a general overview on the possible links between WBL and Decent Work, this practical session will illustrate, from an implementation point of view, how and to what extend does Work Based Learning contributes to the emergence of decent jobs.    


Lisa Rustico
Lisa Rustico
Expert in human capital development | European Training Foundation
Christine Karungi-Rwankote
Christine Karungi-Rwankote
Project Manager | Enabel
Karine Guillevic
Karine Guillevic
International expert in Infrastructure and Equipment | Enabel in Burundi
Géraldine LADRIERE
Géraldine Ladriere
Skills, Employment and Decent Work Expert | Enabel

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