Member of the platform Howest University of Applied Sciences and join forces to organise a Connect&Learn moment about inclusion of children with disabilities. As part of their visit to Howest, Rosemary Nambooze and Professor Eddy Walakira from Uganda are happy to share their expertise on this topic. 

Rosemary Nambooze is Executive Director of the Angel’s center for children with special needs (ACCSN) in Kampala (Uganda). In this centre, it is the purpose to bring together parents of children with disabilities, raise awareness, help parents with access to medical advise and services and assist them (on the practical, emotional and pedagogical level) in raising their children, support the children in their mental, social and physical development, go against discriminatory practices and work on integration of disabled children in society.

In the short term ACCSN has set up an ‘early learning center for children with special needs’. For children with special needs it is very important to be stimulated in their development at a very early age (both mentally and physically). Yet,  in Uganda there is still a lot to do for children with special needs, there is little follow-up on the child’s development and participation in social life, including going to school, is hard.

“When I gave birth to Abryl, little did I know that my entire life will be totally changed. Being born with down syndrome was one side of the story while the emotional, mental, physical and financial strain on myself and my family was another. Two years of raising our son Abryl opened my eyes to the realities and constraints of raising a child with an intellectual disability (...)”- Rosemary Nambooze



Welcome & introduction

Marije van Breda
Marije van Breda coordinator
Pat Vanhecke
Pat Vanhecke
Coordinator Internationalisation Applied Psychology/Social Work at Howest University of Applied Science


  • Special education for children with special needs in Uganda 
  • Parent support groups for inclusive education
Ms. Rosemary Nambooze
Director of the Angel’s Center for Children with special needs

Ms. Rosemary Nambooze (mama Rose) is the director of the Angel’s Center for Children with special needs in Kampala, Uganda. She holds a Master of Science in Globalization and Development from the Institute of Development Policy and Management, University of Antwerp (IOBUVA) and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in social sciences (BA SS) from the Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.




Academic aspect

Prof. Dr. Eddy Walakira
Prof. Dr. Eddy Walakira
Head of department of social work at Makerere University in Kampala Uganda

Eddy Walakira works as an Associate Professor of Social work with children and youth at Makerere University. He combines teaching, research and influences policy and programming on crosscutting themes about the wellbeing of children and youth which include; violence prevention and child protection, alternative care for children; prevention of commercial and sexual exploitation of children, decent work for young people, exploitative labour migration, and livelihoods and social protection for vulnerable groups. He currently serves as head of the Department of Social Work Department and is the Project manager, learning component for the Sustainable Market Inclusive Livelihood Pathways to Self-Reliance (SMILES).


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