PAFP hosts International TVET symposium


The PAFP-project or Programme d’Appui à la Formation Professionnelle organises this week an international TVET (Technical Vocational Education and Training) symposium in Kigali, Rwanda. The symposium is part of a whole TVET-week from 2 to 8 October 2015. The symposium is the tailpiece of the PAFP-project and it’s the perfect occasion, after more than five years of experience, to formulate some recommendations with other partners in the TVET sector for the African Ministerial Conference at the end of the TVET week..


PAFP is a common project of three Belgian development organisations: BTC, VVOB and APEFE.  Together with its Rwandese partners, WDA (Workforce Development Authority) and IPRC South (Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centre) the project has the goal to improve the quality of TVET education in Rwanda, especially in the Southern Province. 

The purpose of PAFP is to teach young professionals skills that are aligned with the contemporary requirements of the Rwandese labour market, so they can ensure their income and future.

The project works on three different levels to reach this goal. On the macro level it reformulates the TVET policy documents, the different curricula and it supports capacity building inside the WDA. On the meso level the project supports the development of the IPRC South (Integrated Regional Polytechnic Centre South) and the reform of the TVET education in the Southern Province. On the micro level the project also helps with the transition to a competency-based approach in 24 pilot schools.

An example of this new approach is the “Chantier de Formation”. A new method for TVET students to acquire their practical knowledge in a useful way. Watch this movie to know more about this method.

Currently PAFP is in its final phase. The perfect occasion to draw some conclusions and to make some recommendations for future TVET projects in and outside Rwanda. The TVET Symposium forms the perfect occasion to do this.

TVET Symposium

The slogan of the Symposium is “Learning from experience: best practices from the field”. The goal of the Symposium is to share experiences with regard to quality improvement for TVET education and to formulate recommendations for the future of TVET education in Rwanda.

Participants from over the whole world (Haïti, DRC, Uganda, Burundi,…) and Rwanda are participating in the symposium. The recommendations have to form the basis for the African Ministerial Conference with the theme “Partnership for youth employment through market relevant skills”.

A very interesting closure for a very special project and the perfect occasion to capitalize the experiences from five years of TVET reforms.

PAFP hosts International TVET symposium
PAFP hosts International TVET symposium
PAFP hosts International TVET symposium