EPN Seminar: Quality Education for Inclusive Societies (16/06/2016)


EPN Seminar: Quality Education for Inclusive Societies

The  second networking seminar of the European Education Practitioners Network (EPN) will take place in the framework of the European Development Days in Brussels, on 16 June 2016 (14:45 to 16:00)

Quality education is positioned high on the Sustainable Development Agenda. SDG4 strives for complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education. A strong emphasis is also put eliminating gender disparities and exclusion of vulnerable children.

In this session, EPN members & the UNESCO Teacher Task Force seek to generate debate by sharing their knowledge and best practices on how to achieve inclusivity in and through education interventions in line with SDG4. Topics covered will include improving access, quality and relevance in Burundi and DRC; supporting community schools in Zambia; professional training for youth in Mozambique; and effective teacher policy for the strengthening of education systems.

The European Education Practitioners Network is an informal coalition of organisations which aims to organise regular knowledge exchange seminars and thus provide a networking space at the European level to share concrete experiences and best practices in the education sector within the development cooperation.

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