IIEP-UNESCO launches online platform to improve learning worldwide


The IIEP Learning Portal is an interactive platform designed to help decision-makers and education practitioners plan for quality education and improved learning outcomes in the post-2015 era.

The new Sustainable Development Goals confirm the importance of ensuring life-long learning opportunities for all. We hope that this platform addresses the need for relevant, up-to-date resources on learning and becomes a space for discussion and collaboration to enhance learning outcomes worldwide.

The IIEP Learning Portal responds to the needs of education planners, policy-makers, civil society actors, and funders throughout the world, by offering:

  • Brief summaries of the research on 25 ways to improve learning,
  • An overview of each step involved in creating a plan for learning improvement,
  • Tools and approaches to monitor learning and put the data to use,
  • A weekly blog and a daily selection of news articles on learning from around the world,
  • Ways to learn about major controversies and participate in e-Forum discussions,
  • A glossary of key terms and a chance to ask a librarian to help you find the resources you need,
  • More than 1,000 resources in a searchable database including research and reports on efforts to improve learning, sample policies, current debates and a wide range of experiences on learning issues.

Visit the new portal – http://learningportal.iiep.unesco.org/ – join the community and discover how you can participate and benefit from its many resources on educational planning for improved learning.

Questions? Contact.learning@iiep.unesco.org