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din, 05/09/2017 (Hele dag) - don, 07/09/2017 (Hele dag)

Learning and Teaching for Sustainable Development: Curriculum, Cognition and Context

5 – 7 September 2017

What is taught and learnt are at the heart of education’s contribution to sustainable development. It is through the construction of curricula that certain knowledges, skills, attitudes and values are prioritised and learning organised across the wide range of educational settings and levels. International education policy debates in this millennium have been dominated by access and, more recently, quality, without sufficient attention to questions of what is and might be learned and taught, and how. Such debates are needed and will be profoundly influenced by new understandings of learning processes and how these vary across learning settings and contexts. Prioritisations of what should be taught and learnt are always political as well as technical. Crucial here too is the rise of attention to what individuals and communities value in terms of a set of capabilities that for them define sustainable development.

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