Mobile Learning Week 2017 – Education in emergencies and crises

maa, 20/03/2017 (Hele dag) - vri, 24/03/2017 (Hele dag)

Today the world is experiencing the highest levels of displacement ever recorded. UNHCR estimates that 24 people were forced to flee their homes each minute in 2015, four times more than a decade ago. One out of every 113 people on Earth has been displaced due to conflict or persecution, and 51 per cent of the world’s refugees are children, many of whom have been separated from their parents or are travelling alone.

A mobile device is often one of the few possessions taken by people forced to leave their homes, and in many instances displaced people have access to a smartphone.

Increasingly, mobile technology can provide a lifeline to education binging learning to people where they are, preparing them for work, easing their integration into new communities, firing their imaginations, building resilience and illuminating routes from an uncertain present to more promising futures.

This year’s Mobile Learning Week, to be held from 20-24 March, 2017 at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, will explore how technology can help meet the educational needs of refugees and other learners displaced by emergency and crisis. 

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