7th Annual mEducation Alliance Symposium - Future-Proofing Technology for Education in International Development

don, 05/10/2017 (Hele dag) - vri, 06/10/2017 (Hele dag)

Washington, DC
October 5–6, 2017

This year the mEducation Alliance Steering Committee is taking a novel approach for the guiding theme and format for this year’s Symposium: potential presenters, including education policymakers, are asked to look backwards from the year 2020 and share specific information about the pathways they or other partners followed for gathering the evidence to scale and spread their successful information and communications technology (ICT) initiatives by this year.

The mEducation Alliance embraces a broad definition of ICT4E including, but not limited to, phones, laptops, e-Readers, tablets, flash memory, micro projectors, and audio/video devices.

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